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Welcome to YMCA London South West

YMCA London South West is a charitable organisation that has served the local community since 1874. Over the years we’ve moved buildings and changed our name but we’ve always strived to achieve our vision of being “a Christian charity where people can come as they are; be met at their point of need and come to know life in all its fullness”.

We work from four main centres: YMCA HawkerYMCA Surbiton;YMCA Wimbledon and Hampton Pool, providing a range of services including AccommodationHealth and WellbeingFamily and Children’s WorkTraining and Education and Support and Advice.

We are the largest provider of housing for the homeless in South West London and last year we helped and housed over 500 people, many as young as 16 years old. As well as providing accommodation, we run a number of extra programmes, activities and courses that make a real difference to people in the local community.

Featured video of the month

Facing fears on the rocky coastline, jumping from 20ft cliff edge, roasting marshmallows on the camp fire, climbing Wolf Rock, scrambling and weaselling through small gaps, talent show comedy and dances, man hunt games, new friendships, great adventures and unforgettable memories at Newgale YMCA, West Wales on the YMCA LSW’s Residential Camp for Young Carers 2014.

A message from CEO, Richard James

Over 140 years ago local Christian Leaders got together in Kingston, Wimbledon and Surbiton to think about how they could meet the needs and improve the lives of local young people.

Over the years different leaders have come and gone and the activities have changed but the desire to reach out and make a difference to the lives of people in this part of South West London.

This year we are celebrating our 140th Birthday there will be different events and activities which I hope you will join with with us.

I’m about to be homeless – can you help?

If you or someone you know is about to become homeless there are several places to get help. Click on this link for more information and a list of useful phone numbers. 

You can also contact the housing team at YMCA Surbiton or YMCA Wimbledon directly by calling 020 8390 0148 for Surbiton and 020 8542 9055 for Wimbledon.