The Y:Cube has arrived

12 February 2014

Last year I wrote my very first blog to share a journey we started two years earlier of trying to find a viable move on housing solution for the residents we accommodate at YMCA London South West. 

The aspiration still remains the same. What they really want, like anyone, is their own home with their own front door. This reality though is becoming even less likely as they encounter a drain on supply, unaffordability and squeeze in welfare support.

This journey has been a challenge but following a sharing of ideas with architects Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partnerswho themselves shared a similar vision, Y:Cube Housing is finally becoming a reality.

Y:Cube Housing schemes consist of clusters of self-contained units that doesn’t require any capital grant and offer good quality, affordable accommodation for single people in housing need. The schemes are well suited to be located on a variety of sites which may not otherwise sustain a traditional development.

Each scheme is individual financed and funding may come from a housing provider’s reserves, bank finance, or loans and grants from charitable trusts and foundations. Crucially, the construction system delivers incredible performance at a significantly reduced cost compared to other forms of construction. The partnership with Roger Stirk Harbour + Partners means we can design and build good quality and designed schemes across the country.

That is why when I think about the future for our residents now, I get excited. Over the next few months we are planning to launch the first Y:Cube scheme in London, which we hope will be open later this year.

Y:Cube offers not only good news for our residentsit can also provide ideal accommodation for  key workers and students. We believe this is an exciting development in single person housing - it might not solve every housing issue that we’re seeing, but it’s an important start. To symbolise that the journey is now closer the desired destination, we have a prototype Y:Cube available for viewing, located at our YMCA in Wimbledon.

Kieran is a former YMCA resident that has been involved with the Y:Cube project from its inception. Hsaid: “Y:Cube is the solution to the housing problems among young people in this country because it proves that cheaper, more affordable housing solutions are in fact possible. I believe Y:Cube Housing can help rebuild our generation’s hopes and morale, since it gives young people with few resources something we don’t see much of these days, namely hope; hope for a place to call our own, hope for independence; hope for a better future”.

The journey continues but for people like Kieran there is a better future.

Andy Redfearn
Director of Housing and Development, YMCA LSW

Find Out MoreRead more about Y:Cube here

If you have any further questions, require more information or would like to arrange a visit please contact Andy Redfearn. 

T: 020 8399 7305
M: 07930 827081 

(Wednesday, May 14, 2014 10:07 AM)
These would be great for adults with special needs, providing independent living with the security of being close to family. Great idea!

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