Y:Cube Housing

Y:Cube Housing is a new housing concept providing self-contained units that requires no capital grant and  offers affordable accommodation for single people in housing need.  The Y:Cube Housing unit is a bespoke solution ‘plug and play’ modular system that is portable but durable. Y:Cube Housing is suitable for numerous applications in providing good quality, affordable self-contained, one bed flat of 26sqm.  This initiative is in partnership with Roger Stirk Harbour + Partners (www.richardrogers.co.uk) and on design  and the  project  management and construction is by UK contractor Insulshell (www.insulshell.co.uk) The units are designed to meet Building Regulations and meet at least Code Level 4 for Sustainable Homes.

Who Is It For?Y:Cube Housing is ideally suited for move on accommodation for single people who have previously been accommodated in hostels/foyers and other temporary housing schemes. There are other applications for Y:Cube Housing that include providing accommodation for key workers and students. Y:Cube provides a genuine, affordable alternative to the private rented sector.

How Does It Work?The units are located in clusters (of between 24 to 40 units) on brownfield sites that are purchased or leased. Schemes are owned and managed by a housing charity, registered housing provide or local authority. The units work as a ‘plug and play’ modular system, stacking on top, or next to, each other, so each build is unique and bespoke to the site that it's built on. 30% of the rental income is retained to cover management and maintenance costs and remaineder is used to pay off the capital finance. Where sites are leased at the end of the lease period the accommodation will be removed and relocated onto another site. The construction costs and professional fees are low enough for a scheme to clear all captial finance within 10 years

Rents will be set at, or below, the Local Housing Allowance for a one bedroom unit making the accommodation accessible for people on benefits. Where accommodation is managed by a Registered Housing Provider, tenants under 35 years old can claim full housing benefit for a self contained flat.

When Does The First Scheme Open?YMCA London South West are working on opening the first scheme in Merton in 2014. Once open, it will be possible to visit the site and view the internal aspects of the Y:Cube units, seeing how the scheme works first hand.

A prototype unit will be available to view from February 2014 and is located at YMCA Wimbledon

How Can My Organisation Get Involved?Y:Cube Housing provides a housing solution which can be utilised by a range of housing providers. A Y:Cube Housing scheme can be developed and financed by a range of housing providers. A fee per unit allows the use of the design, financial models, planning strategy and access to the  professional team to ensure delivery from concept to housing people. Y:Cube Housing provides an efficient, affordable and quality housing solution that meets the housing needs of single people and couples.

More InformationIf you'd like to know more about Y:Cube Housing, you can download a project summary, our FAQs and keep up-to-date by subscribing to our mailing list

If you have any further questions, require more information or would like to arrange a visit please contact Andy Redfearn:

T: 020 8339 7305
M: 07930 827081
E: andyredfearn@ymcalsw.org


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