Circuits7.00am - 7.30amCardio
Yoga9.00am - 10.00amMind & body
Legs, Bums & Tums9.30am - 10.30amToning
Bone Build Pilates10.00am - 11.00amMind & body
Dance Fusion10.00am - 11.00amBeginnersDance
Dance Fusion11.00am - 12.00pmIntermediateDance
Pilates11.00am - 12.00pmMind & body
Line Dancing 11.15am - 12.15pmInclusive Inclusive Lives
Pilates12.00pm - 1.00pmMind & body
Zumba Gold1.30pm - 2.30pmGentleDance
Indoor Cycling6.30pm - 7.15pmCardio
Pilates6.30pm - 7.30pmMind & body
BODYPUMP7.30pm - 8.30pmCardio
Pilates7.30pm - 8.30pmMind & body
BODYBALANCE8.30pm - 9.30pmLes Mills
Indoor Cycling6.45am - 7.30amCardio
Yoga8.00am - 9.00amMind & Body
BODYPUMP9.15am - 10.15amLes Mills
Yoga9.15am - 10.15amMind & body
West End Jazz10.15am - 11.15amDance
BODYBALANCE 10.20am - 11.20amLes Mills
Post Natal Strength and Pilates10.30am - 11.30amMind & Body
Gentle Exercise 11.15am - 12.15pmGentleSenior
Back Care Pilates11.30am - 12.30pmMind & Body
Aerolatino12.15pm - 1.15pmDance
Tap Dancing12.15pm - 1.15pmDance
Line Dancing1.15pm - 2.15pmGentleDance
Pure Gentle Exercise1.30pm - 2.30pmGentleSenior
Pilates6.30pm - 7.30pmMind & body
CXWORX (Core)6.30pm - 7.00pmLes Mills
Fit & Functional7.00pm - 7.45pmToning
Yoga7.30pm - 8.30pmMind & Body
BODYPUMP7.50pm - 8.35pmLes Mills
Zumba8.45pm - 9.30pmDance
Legs, Bums & Tums9.15am - 10.15amToning
Pilates 9.30am - 10.30amIntermediateMind & body
Pilates 10.30am - 11.30amBeginnerMind & body
Yoga10.30am - 11.30amMind & body
Supported Gym 10.30am - 11.30amInclusive Inclusive Lives
Gentle Exercise 12.00pm - 1.00pmGentleSenior
Yoga12.30pm - 1.30pmMind & body
West End Jazz1.00pm - 2.00pmDance
Karate 6.00pm - 7.00pmChildrenMartial arts
Indoor Cycling6.00pm - 6.45pmCardio
Indoor Cycling7.00pm - 7.45pmCardio
Karate7.00pm - 8.00pmChildrenMartial arts
Yoga7.30pm - 8.30pmMind & body
Karate8.00pm - 9.00pmMartial arts
Pilates9.00am - 9.45amMind & body
BODYPUMP9.30am - 10.30amLes Mills
Pilates9.45am - 10.30amMind & body
Punch Workshop10.30am - 11.00amToning
BODYBALANCE10.30am - 11.30amLes Mills
Tap Dancing10.30am - 11.30amDance
Punch Workshop 11.00am - 11.30amBeginnerToning
Latin Rhythms11.30am - 12.30pmDance
Yoga12.00pm - 1.00pmMind & body
Aerolatino1.00pm - 2.00pm Dance
Pure Gentle Exercise1.30pm - 2.30pmSenior
Yoga6.30pm - 7.30pmMind & body
CXWORX (Core)6.40pm - 7.10pmLes Mills
Fit & Functional7.10pm - 7.55pmToning
Pilates7.45pm - 8.45pmMind & Body
BODYPUMP8.00pm - 8.45pmLes Mills
Circuits7.00am - 7.30amCardio
Pilates8.30am - 9.30amMind & body
Bone Build Pilates9.15am - 10.15amMind & body
Aerotone9.30am - 10.30amToning
Pilates9.30am - 10.30amMind & body
Pilates10.30am - 11.30amMind & body
Inclusive Zumba 11.00am - 12.00pmInclusive Inclusive Lives
Yoga11.30am - 12.30pmMind & body
Danceability 12.30pm - 1.30pmInclusive Inclusive Lives
Bollywood12.30pm - 1.30pmDance
Karate 6.00pm - 7.00pmChildrenMartial arts
BODYBALANCE 6.45pm - 7.30pmLes MIlls
Karate7.00pm - 8.00pmChildrenMartial arts
Karate8.00pm - 9.00pmMartial arts
BODYPUMP 8.50am - 9.50amLes Mills
Indoor Cycling9.55am - 10.25amCardio
Legs, Bums & Tums10.00am - 11.00amToning
Indoor Cycling10.30am - 11.15amCardio
Pilates11.00am - 12.00pmMind & body
Zumba Gold11.00am - 12.00pmGentleDance
Yoga12.00pm - 1.00pmMind & body
Teen Yoga12.00pm - 1.00pmYouthMind & Body
BODYPUMP 9.00am - 9.45amLes Mills
Zumba Gold9.00 am - 10.00amSeniorSenior
Insanity10.00am - 10.50amLes Mills
Karate10.00am - 10.55amChildrenMartial arts
Indoor Cycling11.00am - 11.45amCardio
BODYBALANCE 11.00am - 12.00pmLes Mills
Pilates12.00pm - 1.00pmMind & body
BODYPUMP 6.00pm - 7.00pmLes Mills

For more information on our gym, classes and bookings call 020 8296 9747


Cardio: Healthy heart, healthy mind

Indoor Cycling –  Outdoor cycling techniques indoors with different intensities to challenge you. Some sessions will include core/mat work as well.
INSANITY™ –  A total body conditioning programme that pushes you to new training heights. Based on the principles of MAX Interval Training
Circuits –  A combination of strength, cardio and stamina work using different exercise stations in the studio or gym.
Aerobics – An energetic way to move the body, using a mix of different aerobic moves from traditional to funky, getting your feet moving and heart pumping.

Dance: Get those feet moving!

Zumba –  A dynamic, exciting and effective workout to the sounds of Latin American and international music.
Bollywood –  A vibrant way to keep moving with a fusion of Asian and Modern Jazz, that will infuse you with an energy buzz.
Latin Rhythms –  Easy to follow this is a fusion of Latin and International music/dance themes both dynamic and exciting.
West End Jazz –  A fun way to learn the routines from the West End with great choreography.
Line Dancing –  Sequence dancing to different genres of music , great way to keep active, Old West style!
Tap Dancing –  Let us take you to 42nd Street for a fun filled hour that just happens to be good exercise. Tap shoes are required.
Dance Fusion – An upbeat dance class to learn all kinds of styles from jazz and contemporary to Bollywood.
FitSteps – The first dance fusion of its kind which blends the elegant movements of Ballroom and the up-tempo pace of Latin dances, with a series of tried and tested fitness methods into a simple, easy-to-follow class that works, tones and sculpts the whole body.
Aerolatino – A new and exciting international dance fitness workout with Latin American rhythms and dance styles like the Salsa, Merengue, Bachatango, Cha-cha-cha, Samba, Reggaeton, Lambada, Bachata, Cumbia and more, forming a continuous aerobic routine.

Les Mills™: Certified classes

BODYPUMP™ –  Using barbells and free weights that will sculpt, tone and strengthen your entire body, fast!
BODYBALANCE™ –  Take the body and mind to the next level, combining the most beneficial elements of yoga and Pilates and adding Tai Chi into the mix.
CXWORX™ – Hones in on the torso and sling muscles that connect your upper body to your lower body. Ideal for tightening your tummy and butt, while also improving functional strength
and assisting in injury prevention.

Martial Arts

Karate – Encompassing self-defence, respect and confidence and promoting physical/mental discipline.

Mind and Body: Relax, re-focus, re-energise

Pilates – A conditioning programme that improves muscle control, flexibility, coordination, strength and tone.
Bone Build Pilates – Incorporating small equipment, balance challenges and functional movements to improve bone health, posture and proprioception.
Yoga – Hatha style yoga based on a series of poses to promote flexibility, good posture mental wellbeing and calm.
Teen Yoga – Stretch, breathe and de-stress. It’s ideal if you’re studying hard, would like better quality sleep and need a healthy focus. For all teenagers aged 13+
Post Natal Strength and Pilates – For mums and babies to focus on posture and re-building core strength after pregnancy.


Toning: Change your body shape

Legs, Bums and Tums –  Aimed at conditioning the lower body, targeting your hips, thighs and buttocks.
Fit and Functional – Provides a functional and adaptable workout for conditioning the whole body.
Aerotone – A great body conditioning workout incorporating easy to follow aerobics, sculpting and core work.
Punch Workshop – Boxing workshop with a mixture of different boxing combinations and resistance exercises.


Zumba Gold – The Zumba formula with modified moves to suit the needs of the active older participant, as well as those new to the Zumba experience.
Gentle Exercise – For those who want to improve stamina and mobility through light aerobics, toning and relaxation.

Inclusive Lives: Extra support

Line Dancing – A friendly, fun class that offers a great way to keep fit – Old West style!
Inclusive Yoga – A slower, adaptive form of Hatha yoga techniques designed to improve flexibility, posture and strength.
Supported Gym – Get active with the help of a friendly personal trainer on hand each week for any questions or support.
DanceAbility – A fun way of exercising where you learn a variety of dances and get to share your moves with us.
Inclusive Zumba – A gentler and adaptive class set to Latin music
Multisports – Try out new activities each week in a friendly environment.

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