Referral agencies

The hostel at YMCA Surbiton has a nomination agreement with the Royal Borough of Kingston for 90 bed spaces. The hostel also accepts referrals from Kingston Churches Action on Homelessness. Referral agencies can apply using this form. The hostel does not take self-referrals.

Referral procedure

To access housing at YMCA Surbiton clients need to present at the RBK homeless assessments team and they will decide whether or not to place them in one of their hostel bed spaces.

YMCA staff liaise closely with KCAH on referrals and a waiting list is compiled.

For any clients that have more complex needs they are presented at a fortnightly panel meeting held at YMCA Surbiton and consisting of the local police, RBK, Well Being Service & Probation Service.

Criteria for acceptance

They initially need to present at either RBK or KCAH who will decide on whether the YMCA is appropriate accommodation for the client.

All referrals must be on an income, either working or in receipt of benefits. YMCA Surbiton only accept clients who’s support needs are deemed as low to medium. We do not take high support clients.


Length of stay
Minimum 1 month
Maximum 2 years
Average 18 months

Staffing and support

At YMCA Surbiton, each resident is assigned a keyworker who will meet with the client and tailor a support package relevant to the client’s needs. Regular key work sessions are on-going throughout a client’s stay and the Housing team at YMCA Surbiton use the Outcome Star support planning tool.

Access to move-on

Move-on support and advice is offered as part of keyworking. Move-on is via local nomination panel (for residents with support needs only).


Rent at YMCA Surbiton is currently £282.01 a week.

If a client is in receipt of benefits then generally Housing Benefit will cover £252.16 of this and the client will need to pay £29.85. If a client is working this figure is adjusted accordingly dependent on their rate of pay.


Furnishings Rooms fully furnished, with washbasins.
Other facilities include: Lounge, Computers, Chapel, Fitness Studio, Recording studio.
Food: Breakfast and evening meal.

Rules and policies

No alcohol allowed on the premises. Smoking allowed in own room and outside. Must attend monthly residents’ meetings. Licence agreement.

Resident access

24 hour access, no restrictions.


Until 11pm. Can stay overnight (including parents’ children) with manager’s permission.

User participation

Monthly residents’ meetings facilitated by staff. Consultation forum to give feedback and plan social activities. Residents’ floor representatives. Leaving forms include a service evaluation.

Contact us

YMCA Surbiton
49 Victoria Road
Surbiton KT6 4NG

T: 020 8390 0148