MondayBody BalanceRoom 39.45am10.45am
MondaySeated ExerciseMain Hall2.00pm3.00pm
MondayTai ChiSmall Hall6.30pm7.30pm
MondayIyengar YogaRoom 37.45pm8.45pm
TuesdayZumba Gold®Main Hall10.00am11.00am
TuesdayMobility, Flexibility & StretchMain Hall11.15am12.15pm
TuesdayAerolatino®Main Hall8.00pm8.45pm
WednesdayPilatesMain Hall11.15am12.15pm
WednesdayPiYoSmall Hall6.30pm7.30pm
WednesdayBody BalanceSmall Hall8.30pm9.30pm
ThursdayPilatesRoom 36.30pm7.30pm
ThursdayBeginners’ Ballroom
and Latin Dancing
Small Hall7.00pm8.00pm
FridayTai ChiMain Hall9.30am10.30am
FridayFitSteps®Main Hall10.45am11.45pm
FridayBone Build Pilates *Main Hall12.00pm1.00pm
SaturdayBody BalanceSmall Hall9.30am10.30am

We’ve got a great range of fitness classes for you to try from dynamic PiYo to calming Tai Chi. If you want a full body workout but at a sedate pace, then Zumba Gold or Bodybalance will tick your box. Take a look at our timetable, pick a class and see just how much fun keeping fit at YMCA White House can be!

Latin American-inspired dance fitness workout with moves from different dances such as Samba, Salsa and Reggaeton. Low impact and great fun!

Beginner’s Ballroom and Latin Dancing
Inspired by Strictly? Learn all the moves in these friendly classes that are guaranteed to add a spring to your step.

A dynamic and energising blend of Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates, designed to improve your posture, strength and breathing with simple exercises

Bone Build Pilates
A great class to improve your bone density and posture, as well as building strength and mobility using small equipment, balance challenges and functional movements.
*NEW Beginning January 2018

An energetic blend of ballroom and Latin dance moves that gives you a full body workout to wonderful music.

Iyengar Yoga
Learn precision moves and posture in the Hatha style, and develop your inner core strength. You’ll feel calm, focused and centred afterwards.

Mobility, Flexibility & Stretch
Gentle flowing movements to improve mobility in your joints, with stretching to soothe muscle stress and tension.

Tone your body with challenging moves that will strengthen and condition your body. You’ll notice improvements in your co-ordination and flexibility too.

Fat burning up-tempo combo of Yoga and Pilates moves, ideal for sculpting a lean and defined look.

Seated Exercise
Gentle, low impact fitness class while seated to strengthen muscles and give joints more flexibility. Bands and hand weights add extra challenge.

Tai Chi
An ancient form of exercise to improve strength, co-ordination and flexibility, with a series of slow and focussed movements.

Zumba Gold®
Latin music and moves set at a slightly slower pace than regular Zumba, but a great workout nonetheless!

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